All About Regenerative Disc Therapy

regenerative disc therapy specialist

When you have muscle and joint conditions that cause you pain, you can be unable to perform your normal daily activities. You can consult with a regenerative disc therapy specialist doctor if you have conditions such as injuries, muscle pain, or herniated discs. They offer the best regenerative medicine methods to treat various conditions. 

Regenerative Disc Therapists Are Doctors With Top-Level Expertise 

A regenerative disc therapy doctor has a proven track record of providing lasting solutions to pain problems. Regenerative disc therapists use ozone injection treatment for relieving and treating pain conditions. They believe in the body’s ability to heal naturally. Therefore, they prefer physical examination of the patient at his clinic and the use of minimally invasive alternate treatment methods. Their practice seeks to reduce the use of surgical procedures and medication, to give the body every chance of healing naturally. 

Services Offered At The Alternative Disc Therapy Clinic

When you come to the clinic, you will find a caring team of health professionals. There are some services offered at the clinic, including: 

· Total Spine Health Treatment 

Regenerative disc therapist doctors believes that spinal health makes all the difference if you want to remain physically active well into your twilight years. He has spent many years researching the best spinal treatments and care, to ensure that his patients remain physically strong even in old age. His methods prevent disc problems and heal damaged discs. The doctor treats herniated and degenerative discs, using some of the most advanced treatments. These treatments include ozone disc injections and stem cell injections. 

· Stem Cell Treatments 

Stem cells are an excellent choice of treatment as they help your body heal naturally from pain or injury. They are the only cells that can transform into any cell type. They can, therefore, transform into cells found in your muscles, bones, liver, cartilage, or nerves. 

When you get injured and undergoing pain, the stem cells act as the first responders working to repair the damage without medication. With age, their responsiveness dwindles. At the clinic, the doctor can offer a solution to reverse the inevitable decline. 

Stem cell treatments can heal cartilage damage, disc degeneration, joint injuries, cognitive decline, and more. 

· Ozone Injection Treatments 

With ozone injection treatments, doctors can help you heal from numerous conditions. This is a noninvasive solution that promotes natural healing and recovery. The treatment boosts the amount of oxygen in the body to help it deal with oxidative stress. This helps the body avoid future damage. 

Ozone injection treatment is an excellent alternative medical treatment solution which can help cure the following conditions: 

● Muscle pain 
● Arthritis 
● Herniated discs 
● Degenerative joint conditions 
● Acute and chronic pain 
● Sciatica 
● Osteoarthritis 
● Tendon injuries 

Rebound With Regenerative Medicine

If you want to learn more about regenerative medicine and ozone therapy and how it can help you heal from your condition, call us and make an appointment. You will find the best back doctor specializing in regenerative disc therapy to help you heal naturally from your condition.

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