5 New Types Of Lean Product Manufacturing Processes

new types lean product manufacturing processes

Businesses owners are constantly looking for the product manufacturing processes to develop goods efficiently and cost effectively. With the increased demand for rapid production, there are multiple manufacturing processes to choose from. Each procedure offers a unique set of advantages to business owners depending on your industry, capacity, or specificity. Employing the latest manufacturing practices offer the best way to survive as a small business owner. No matter what your product specifications are, there are several lean manufacturing processes available for your business. Read on to learn about the top new types of lean product manufacturing processes. 

Assembly Line Practices 

The most common product manufacturing process is likely assembly line practices. When most businesses think of manufacturing, the first thing they think of is long, complex assembly lines. Assembly line practices are additionally frequently referred to as repetitive production methods. This practice involves the exact same product being produced over and over again, one after the other. When properly deployed, assembly line practices greatly improve your quality control and manufacturing speed. If you are looking for new lean manufacturing processes for your business, consider assembly line, or repetitive, procedures. 

Foam Injection Molding 

Foam injection molding is another way to manufacture new custom products. It is a reliable, feasible strategy to develop lightweight, durable, and aesthetically pleasing products. The molding process is conducted by melting thermoplastic materials, then applying a blowing agent. When applied, this external agent creates a foamy substance. This foamy substance can then be injected directly into custom molds based on your product depiction. These custom molds allow you enhanced flexibility over the design, size, and shape of your final product. If you are interested in the top cost-effective ways to design new products, consider foam injection molding. 

3D Printing 

3D printing is one of the quickest growing manufacturing methods for manufacturers like yourself. Printing is one of the fastest, most inexpensive, and efficient methods to design and manufacture new products. As one of the most inexpensive methods, printing allows you to reduce product costs and make more money. Equipment technology uses software to design a three-dimensional computer- aided model of your exact product. The technology is becoming increasingly accessible, reduces your production waste, and is more sustainable than traditional, fuel-consuming equipment. These processes allow many business owners like yourself to increase flexibility over the design and production of products. Of course, 3D printing is one of the top lean processes to manufacture new goods. 

Batch Production 

Another common manufacturing process is batch production. In most cases, batch production is used for consumer durable goods or fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs). At the same time, the decision to use batch manufacturing methods is additionally based off of demand. When products are seasonal, holiday-driven, or not offered year round, batch production should be considered. This ensures you are only spending money to produce products during the times when they are most popular. Rather than measuring production in individual goods produced, this production methods counts final goods by the batch. Since batches reset after each production set is complete, there is more opportunity to manufacture in accordance to variable demands. If you are looking to improve your manufacturing process, consider batch production options to cater to products with varying demand. 

Job Type Production 

Business owners additionally use job shop production methods to reliably manufacture custom goods. This production style is often referred to unit production. Unlike other manufacturing methods, job type focuses on a single unit throughout production. For example, consider a personalized custom cake or tailored suit. In most cases, this production method is used by small businesses, largely, restaurants, clothing stores, and individual providers. At the same time, the process is additionally used by extremely reputable, premium companies. High-end fashion designers charge a premium for custom designs and limited offerings. Simultaneously, vehicle manufacturers constantly advertise their custom-ability and personalized features. 


Business owners are constantly looking for new manufacturing process to reliably develop their products. With constant dynamic changes in manufacturing trends, production styles are consistently changing. Traditional assembly line practices are likely the most widely-used and streamlined production methods. Many businesses are turning to foam injection molding in order to develop high-quality, aesthetically pleasing products. Businesses are looking to 3D printing methods to harness newly developed technology. Batch production helps you reliably design seasonal or products with varying demand. Furthermore, consider job type, or unit production if you are developing single units of custom goods. Consider the points above to learn about the top new types of lean product manufacturing processes.

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