Top Side Hustle Ideas For Making Money

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Whether it is to gather and put towards funding your own independent business venture, or simply just to have a little bit more financial freedom to focus on yourself, we all could do with a little more cash on the side. For those looking to maximize their productivity, here are five side hustle ideas for making money and enjoying massive success. 

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Side Hustles Are Smart

One of the best places to start when thinking of ways to become more productive is by figuring out which of your passions that you can monetize and turn into a valid business, rather than something that you just do as a hobby. This could include anything from writing, to graphic design, to programming, to arts and crafts, and with online e-commerce marketplaces readily available in the modern day, it’s become easier than ever to start building and selling from your own digital storefront corner of the internet. 

5 Simple Smart Side Hustles

1. Sell Online

If you want to make some extra room in your home, you could even kill two birds with one online stone and sell some of your old items on sites such as eBay or Amazon, not only clearing space but also making some extra pocket money. You can also start an MLM company or join an affiliate marketing program for extra passive income. Be an online selling side hustler for extra income without much overhead.

2. Coaching, Teaching, And Tutoring

Talented in a certain field, and have some knowledge that you think might have some worth? Remote consulting and coaching are also growing in popularity on the internet, and some are even doing it as a full-time gig. You might decide to condense some of your knowledge into a teachable course, or maybe even write some guides or e-books on your subject of choice. Or if you are into education, you could become a tutor or join / start an educational franchise.

3. Social Media Marketing Freelancer

Spend tons of time trawling through social media, not achieving anything? Social media doesn’t always have to be a wasteful time sink, providing you use the right platforms. Daisie, for example, a relatively new social media platform that’s aimed at young creatives looking for feedback and collaboration opportunities, is a great way of finding inspiration for your next project. 

4. Plot Your Next Full Time Gig

OK so this isn't technically a side hustle (unless you are working on it while earning full time and/or side gig cash), but it could be lead to a big payout. If you’re looking for your next gig altogether, LinkedIn is a good way of reaching out to different professionals within your field, and getting your name out there in a positive way, rather than through memes (however funny they may be). The more time you spend working on your future career, the more valuable the payoff will be.

5. Invest In Property Or Real Estate Assets

If you have the money, real estate can be a great side hustle to earn plentiful profits and/or passive income through rental properties. If you’re an investor looking for your next successful venture, or perhaps just have some money saved away that you want to put into something worthwhile (rather than leaving it to collect dust in a bank account), you might decide to put into purchasing an investment property. When ran properly as a business and taken seriously (without too much personal attachment) 

Property investment company RWinvest have shown some of the benefits of buying for buy-to-let purchases across the UK in their articles and guides, and state that “ when faced with the decision between unstable investment classes and a fluctuating stock market, the UK’s buy to let property market often comes out on top”. 

Selling The Spare Room Side Hustle Hard

Rent out your spare room for extra income if you are able and feel comfortable doing so. Renting out your spare room is a great way to make extra money, even during these tough times. There are plenty of people looking for a cheap room, and if you are willing to be a little bit laid back about rent price, so much the better! It is best for us to help one another out in these difficult times, and this is one great way to do it. Put your ad on Craigslist for a spare room, and encourage everyone in your family and your prospective new roommate to get tested for health safety! 

5 More Side Hustles To Make More Money

Sell Services On Fiverr - Fiverr is a great way to make money for your quirky skills and talents and you don't even have to leave your home. Fiverr is one of many outsourcing and freelance websites that will pay you for odd jobs and skills you may have, some of which can be done electronically over the internet. Give this simple side hustle a shot to learn and earn while working with diverse customers around the world. 

Walk Dogs And Clean Houses - Walking dogs is a great way to help people, make money, and also get exercise. During these times when people don't want to leave their house, you can do it for them. Just make sure you keep your face mask on while walking pets during this side hustle! You will literally be hustling to walk as many dogs as possible to get them their exercise and letting them do their business!

Nobody wants to clean their house any longer (not that they ever really wanted to), but you can profit off of that lazy attitude with this side hustle! It is a great thing to do for everyone because the cleaner our houses can be, the more we can stay free of germs and diseases. So help out your neighbor and make more money simultaneously. 

Have Yard Sales - We are all stuck at home more than ever, so what better than to do some bring cleaning? This is a great side hustle because you can clear out your home, help other people get some things they need, and make a quick dollar all at once. 

Sign Up For TaskRabbit - Task Rabbit is an app you can use from your phone that will get you in touch with people that need some small tasks like cleaning and moving done. It is a great way for you to connect with people in need who can't do things like lift heavy things such as senior citizens, or anyone else who is too time-constrained to do simple tasks that need doing. There are some Task Rabbit alternatives as well for more random gigs and side jobs to earn extra money.

Create And Sell On Etsy - Sell things on especially if you're a crafty or artsy person, Etsy can be a great way to share your talents. Whatever crafts you are into, now is the time to do it, especially if you are stuck at home with nothing better to do! Make that birdhouse, do that embroidery, paint coffee mugs, or whatever else you like to do, and post them up on Etsy to see if you can garner customer interest! 

Smart Side Hustle Conclusion

For more specific information on this side hustle investment strategy, as well as some pointers on some of the things to look out for along the way, perhaps start by checking out one of their numerous guides on the matter. 

Now get out there and hustle hard fellow side hustlers! Hustle hard and turn your side hustle into your full time hustle with increased income. 

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