Dental Implants And Importance Of Replacing Missing Teeth

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Let's first answer the commonly asked question before we get into the importance of replacing missing teeth: What is a dental implant? 

A dental implant is a small, but very strong, titanium alloy screw used to replace broken or missing natural teeth surgically. It is inserted into the jawbone, and the screw will attach the artificial teeth or some other dental prosthesis securely to the jaw. Besides the use in the repair of broken or missing teeth, implants may also be used to support loose and removable dentures. Now that you know just what dental or teeth implants are, let us look at why it is important to replace missing or severely damaged teeth in the first place. 

Appearance Of Dental Implants

Just a single missing tooth may put a lot of emotional burden on us, although this can seem superficial to people who have all their teeth. We are all very worried about our looks to varying degrees and this also influences our confidence. Losing our beautiful grin due to a missing tooth or two will induce sadness and a lack of confidence, which can affect your job and personal life in turn. 

Dental implants have also been shown to be successful in improving patients’ morale and overall confidence. Also, as there is no clearly noticeable distinction between a fixed tooth and a normal one after the surgery, it also positively changes the outward appearance of the patient. 

Oral Health 

So long as a tooth is missing, the balance is broken in the whole dental system. The space produced causes the remaining teeth (especially those nearest to the opening) to tilt and move, as a consequence of even the most basic usual daily chewing. It may cause more oral complications down the road, especially if the skewed teeth arrangement interferes with the chewing ability of the individual. As a result of missing teeth, it's not unusual to see anyone losing several teeth over the years, and more frequently than not, the tooth loss happens side by side in the same section of the previously lost one(s). 

The Comfort Of A Full Set Of Teeth

Unless you have all of your teeth intact, you certainly have no idea what it feels like when a very rough piece of food becomes in between the damaged molar's exposed root and an existing one. Let's just say it's not a very pleasant thing, and if it starts to happen nearly every time you eat, it's not unusual to find people give up on meat and other food items that were previously enjoyed to relieve themselves from the constant pain and discomfort. In a way, losing the ability to chew food properly can theoretically deter you from enjoying a very large part of your life which you used to love. 

Do Dental Implants

Dental prosthetics with the right dental implant to help it, will significantly transform the life of an individual missing some teeth. Nevertheless, it is critical that a qualified dental clinic performs the operation. This is because the success of the procedure relies on the expertise of the dentist or dentists involved, and this is a complicated surgical procedure. Hence, it is best not to take any chances on this one. The positive thing is that dental implants have more than 95% success rate.

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