Introduction To React JS Development Training

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React is the front-end JavaScript library which is quite popular in the field of web development. So, it is being used by great and established organizations as well as fresh startups including Netflix,Instagram, Airbnb, and the New York Times. When compared with other frameworks like Angular.JS, React is more inclined towards providing better features and characteristics. Hence, React JS Training has become so famous these days as it opens a door full of opportunities in front of you. 

Ever since the React has been released, it is consistently gaining popularity. And there is no sign of it slowing down anywhere in the community of front-end development. In addition to this, Facebook is constantly adding features to React in order to make it more potent over time. Facebook also provides a small browser extension which is helpful in making the debugging process of React fast as well as easy. You can simply inspect React components directly using this browser extension. 

What is React? 

React was first developed by Jordan Walke and for your information, he was a software engineer at Facebook. This JavaScript library has been made in order to build fast and interactive user interfaces for your mobile as well as web applications too. React JS is a component- based, open-source, and front-end library that is responsible especially for the view layer of the application. In MVC architecture i.e. Model View Controller, the view layer holds the responsibility of how the app is going to look and feel. 

As discussed above, the Instagram webpage is completely built with the help of React. So, now it would be more clear to you exactly how React JS works. Well, to begin with, first and foremost important things is that React divides the UI i.e. user Interface into multiple components and hence this makes the code quite easier to debug. Also, each component carries its own function and property. 

Why React? 

• React gained popularity over the course of years and today is considered one of the best front-end development frameworks. There are many reasons for this. React JS helps in the easy development of dynamic web applications because it makes use of less coding and at the same time offers more functionality. If compared to JavaScript only, then here most of the time the coding part gets complex quickly. 

• React JS has improved performance i.e. React uses Virtual DOM and therefore the creation of web applications is faster using it. Virtual DOM is used for comparing the components’ previous states and then it updates the items which are only in the Real DOM that was changed. And unlike conventional web applications, it updates all the components again. 

• It has reusable components which means the components are considered as the building blocks when it comes to React application. We know that a single app generally comprises multiple components that contain their own logic and controls. These can be reused throughout building an application and this in turn highly responsible for reducing the development time of an application. 

• React JS consists of many impressive features. Some of them include JSX i.e. JavaScript Syntax Extension, Virtual DOM, great performance, useful extensions, easier and debugging. 

• The unidirectional data flow of React allows developers to nest child components within parent components when designing a React app. As the flow of data flows in a single direction, so the debugging of errors becomes quite easier. 

• React is quite easy to learn this is because it is mostly a combination of basic concepts of HTML and JavaScript along with some beneficial additions. All you need to do is to understand properly the library of React. 

• There is a framework known as React Native and it has been derived from React itself. This framework is a highly renowned reason being its usefulness for the creation of amazing mobile applications. Therefore, you can use React JS for the development of both web and mobile applications. 

• Various extensions of React and its wonderful UI design provides a complete application architecture support. Also, the React Native is considered as a popular framework which is essential for creating cross-compatible mobile applications. 

• You can find dedicated tools for fulfilling the purpose of easy debugging. The Chrome extension being released by Facebook can be used to debug the applications of React. Hence, the debugging process of React for web applications is quite faster and easier. 

Prerequisites For React JS 

Well, the React JS coding training program is enough for you to initiate your career in the software profession. However, if you are clear with basic programming concepts such as objects, functions, arrays, classes, then it would be easier for you to grab its concepts conveniently. Moreover, a basic understanding of JavaScript and HTML is required. All these concepts will help you understand React JS in a better way. You can take up the React JS training program through online or offline mode depending on your choice. With the increased use of React JavaScript, it has been observed that it is going to be used for the development of a number of applications in the near future. so, one of the websites that provides the best React JS training course available online is called the Knowledge Hut. You can go through the website and can explore all the course-related information form there. The aforementioned points make it very clear that React JS consists of easy coding and debugging features. So, if you already have an IT background and at the same time have an interest in it, then it would be much easier for you to grasp the fundamentals of React JS quicker than others. 

IT & Web Dev Industry Trends 

Well, the IT industry is growing day by day and there is no looking back for it. The invention of new techniques, programming languages, and other significant machine innovations are just mind- blowing. Then comes the word “React” which has gathered so much hype in the world of front-end development. So its increasing use among developers is not a hidden fact now. As a result of which it has been observed that React developers are earning more money as compared to other web development technologies. 

Ready To React

All this is happening due to the easy and understandable features that React JS provides. Reportedly, it has been seen that more and more companies from all around the world are adopting this development tool i.e. React for creating applications efficiently. Therefore, this has raised a high demand for React developers across the globe. The pay scale of these developers is enormously high. So, a React JS certification course could do wonders for you. All you need is your interest, dedication, and consistency to achieve success professionally in React Javascript front-end develpment.

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