Experiential Retail Trends That You Should Be Following

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As we have entered a digital age, marketers are adhering to blend virtual and in-person experiences. Consumers are no longer attracted by traditional commercials. In fact, more than 70 percent of people say that they feel exhausted by these ads. As people are turning to ad blocks when surfing the web, marketers have to adjust accordingly. Experiential retail is a must in today’s business world as it is the perfect alternative to boring and conventional commercials. Let’s see how you can blend art, technology, and psychology to create a unique experience for your customers. 

Art Installation 

Art is a unique way to gather attention, and experiential retailers know this.  People love art installations, and they like to take pictures with it as it is a very powerful engagement tool. You can use it to evoke emotions in your customers. Marketers know this as it is a great way to make sales and gather an audience. When your customers share their photos on social media, you get free branding. With the help of art installations, not only will you attract more customers to your shop, but you can also give it a novel look and accentuate its aesthetic beauty. 

Live Events 

Events can be leveraged to gather a large audience to a place. When people visit an event, they associate positive memories with your business, which builds trust and grows your visibility. If you hold one successful event, it will create a buzz, and people will start talking about your brand and product. You can also attach a popular name with the event so that more people will be attracted to it, and you will have more chances to market your product. You can further put up several stalls so that the attendees can engage with you and get a closer look at how your business structure. 

AR And VR 

The best way to make your business immersive is through augmented and virtual reality. You can use it to give a first-hand experience of your products to your customers. Almost 61 percent of stores have reported that they have seen an increase in customers after using AR technology, and almost 40 percent of customers agree that they would pay more for a product given the opportunity that they can experience it through AR. Leveraging these emerging technologies is a great way to transform the experience of your customers creates a positive image of your brand in their minds. 

Photo Booths

Another way to attract customers to your shop is by placing little booths around your shops where they can take photos. You can also make a few props which they can use and make memories with their family and friends. With all the customization options you can go for, a modern photo booth is an excellent way to present your brand and its logo in front of people. When you look at it from a broader perspective, it is a great way to merchandise your products and to create a social presence of your business.

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