Big Business Benefits Of Custom Marquees

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Custom marquees for events are getting more popular each year. Whether it's trade shows, conferences, expos, sporting events, concerts, beach days, picnics, or even as temporary stalls, custom printed marquees have carved a very useful niche for themselves. Here are some reasons why you should hop on the customized branded marquee train and try them for your personal or business event. 

1. Planning a party to the very last detail is an exhaustive exercise. The very first thing that you ensure is that the aesthetics are right. Even on a shoestring budget, you look for something that’ll make your venue look stylish and beautiful. Custom marquees do just that. These can be designed in a manner that the beauty of the setting stands out. 

2. A printed customized marquee is your confidant for all weathers. In summers you could go for a canopy that is open from sides and but only offers overhead protection. This way, your guests won’t have to suffer at the hands of all the humidity and at the same time be protected from sunburn. 

The monsoons, suitable PVC waterproof custom marquees provide reliable shelter to your guests from pouring rain. 

3. Custom marquees provide branding opportunities for corporate events like no other. At trade fairs or expos where you want to stand out from the crowd, branded marquees are your best bet. Well printed marquees help your potential customers identify your company, its logo, product or service from a distance. It does not miss a trick when it comes to catching the eye of customers. 

4. Also, the flexibility that a printed marquee provides is unparalleled. You could use partitions inside your marquee for different areas like service, billing, trial etc. and also use the sidewalls to communicate with people. 

Things To Consider Before Buying A Marquee 

1. Design 

The design of your custom marquee is a critical element. With so many of them available in the market often, you’ll be spoilt for choices. Make sure that the design you choose casts a long-lasting impression on the visitors passing by. 

2. Size 

You should have a distinct idea about the size of the marquee before opting to go for a custom marquee. Always keep your venue in mind before coming up with the abstract dimensions. At most trade fairs, exhibits or business presentations, the organizers already allot a defined space for you to work with and hence this is one less problem for you to ponder on. 

But in case of private events such as weddings or birthday parties, make sure you order a printed marquee that covers an area slightly less than that available on the venue to be on the safe side. Always factor in space for decorations, guests movements, podiums, snacks and drink counters etc. It is worth noting that the size of the customized marquee can shrink once it gets wet or is washed. 

3. Print

The next aspect to work on is the print. Since you are opting for a printed custom marquee, make sure your print is a good one. There are a few factors that you should bear in mind before printing your customized marquee. Go for a small print in case your canopy is small or if your branded marquee is a big one, go for a big one to avoid over the thin spreading of the ink. 

4. Branding

If you are opting for a branded marquee make sure you have at least preliminary design ideas in place such as the placement of the logo, taglines, the content that you want on the walls etc. Make sure your print takes the marquee size into consideration or vice versa. If it is for a personal event such a birthday, ensure that your message for the birthday boy/girl fits inside the perimeter of the canopy. 

5. Pricing

Purchasing a custom marquee is a hefty investment, so be entirely sure about your financial constraints before nailing down a particular marquee. Different vendors offer various pricing options based on quality, availability and type of marquees. Make sure you do a comprehensive study. 

6. Other Factors

Also keep some other factors in mind, such as the quality of the material. Ask yourself some questions like Will the canopy be able to withstand the tension for the duration it is needed to? Or will the anchors suffice against strong breezes? 

Marquees generally come with bags for easy transportation. If yours does not come with one, it is a reasonable investment. Also, make sure that your custom marquee is compliant with safety norms in your location to avoid any public liability. 

How To Get A Custom Marquee Made? 

There are two primary ways how you can find a custom marquee for business or personal use: 

A. Online 

Just like every other commodity on the planet, printed marquees are also available online. People search online for various kinds of marquees and their vendors. Customers conduct thorough online research scouring through multiple websites, assessing ratings, reading reviews and going through product catalogs before making a purchase. Vendors generally mention all intricate details like accessories, product material, pricing etc. on their websites or on local repositories. 

B. Offline

Although the offline market may have lost a vast majority of its market share to its online counterpart, its effectiveness hasn’t altered one bit. At stores or shops, you meet real people with real cold hard cash. These customers can be well versed with what they are selling, and you can bank on their experience. They provide you insights like no internet review can and also leave the scope open for bargaining. Your custom marquees can be found as easily as stepping inside your local store.

Create Your Custom Marquee Today

So whether you get your marquee online or offline, for business or for personal use, you need to be sure about what you exactly want. I’ve listed some factors you might ponder on, but every marquee purchase has its own set of variables to think about. And don't forget about planning for your business event security!

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