How Vanity Mirrors Can Transform Your Bathroom

how vanity mirrors transform bathroom

Are you planning to buy a bathroom mirror? What kind of mirrors would you like to place in your bathroom? Do you want to know everything about bathroom mirrors before actually buying one? 

Bathroom mirrors are usually considered the finishing touch to your vanity space. No bathroom is complete without one. A mirror is probably an essential part of your daily routine. Bathroom mirrors also make a stylish addition to your space. 

Whatever style, space, or budget you have, we can help you find the right mirror for your bathroom. 

One Or More Bathroom Mirrors? 

Which one is better, to have one or more-bathroom mirrors? It is one of the common questions our customers ask us. In reality, this will all depend on the size of your bathroom. Different bathroom sizes can provide different answers to this question, 

If your bathroom vanity is wide enough, you can have the luxury of supporting two-bathroom mirrors, or a single one that is wide enough to fit over both sinks. Follow the style and look you are going for. You can also consider the following guidelines: 

·  If you want to have a vertical look in your bathroom, we suggest that you invest in two vertically-long mirrors, rather than a single large one. It is an excellent choice for bathrooms with high ceilings. 

·  If you want to emphasize the spaciousness of your bathroom, we recommend that you go for a single-wide reaching the mirror. In that way, you and your guests will indeed be able to tell how big and wide your bathroom is. 

Pay Attention To Details 

It's a given that you'll use your bathroom mirror every day, so it is essential to find something that's going to fit in with your personality and lifestyle as well as the design of your space. 

Bathroom mirrors are designed to be moisture-resistant and prevent damage from water or steam. A lot of decorative mirrors such as those with wooden frames are less likely to be moisture resistant so that they might be more prone to damage and aging. 

When you are carefully choosing your bathroom mirrors, we suggest that you look for something that's going to complement your home's design. A modern mirror cabinet might not look good in a traditional style bathroom. In contrast, a rustic mirror cabinet could look out of place in a contemporary bathroom. 

Considering Framed Mirrors? 

Framed mirrors have a fuss-free design that makes them perfect for almost any bathroom. If you are going for a clean, minimal look to complete your contemporary space, our experts recommend a simple square or rectangular-framed mirror. 

Alternatively, a rounded or arch bathroom mirror is perfect for a traditional classic designed bathroom. The curved edges can promote a period feel in your bathroom without being too ornate. 

Illuminated And LED Mirrors 

If you want to take your cleansing and styling to the next level, why not transform your bathroom into your own grooming space? Using an illuminated mirror provides a soft, warm light that can help to show off your right side. 

If your bathroom doesn't get much natural light, an illuminated or LED mirror can add additional light to space. Most of the illuminated mirrors have built-in sensor switch operated by their resistors, so no need to worry about physically turning the lights on or off. 

The Possibilities Are Endless! 

When it comes to choosing the perfect bathroom mirror, the possibilities are endless because you have a wide variety of options. While there are some guidelines to consider when selecting an elegant design, there is no right or wrong way to choose a bathroom mirror. Whether you decide to go with one or two or more mirrors, or you are looking for framed ones or LED mirrors, there are many custom designs available. Remember that a bathroom mirror allows you to witness beautiful views and angles of your bathroom. It is also a great way to add a touch of character to your space.

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