Reasons To Perform A Social Media Audit

reasons perform social media audit

Given that resources are limited, it is essential to use what is available to an optimum level. Social media networks need a flawless action plan to interact and gain business insights from consumers. Social media audit tools have proven effective in today's world. The word audit, in this case, carries a different meaning compared to when the IRS is involved. 

Here, a social media audit is all about examining what works in your favor and adopting brand success strategies. Social media is continuously evolving, and, in the process, there can be many inactive accounts. During a social media audit, numerous areas should be reviewed. For starters, evaluate your online existence and keep a record of the profile of your brand on different social media channels. 

Keep tabs on both the active and inactive accounts that bear your brand's profile. You can use Google,, and to find your passive accounts. There is always the elimination option for accounts that are no longer in use. Alternatively, if you feel that you might require them after a while, you could choose to hang on to them. 

The importance of monitoring passive accounts is that your brand may grow a significant following on the platforms, and it is best to be aware of such developments. When you track down all your social media accounts, evaluate the harmonic flow of your profile. It is easier to jot down all social actions on a worksheet. Once you establish a regular social pattern, your client base can know your brand across numerous channels. 

Consistency differs significantly from identical, but there needs to be a regular flow on all your social profiles. Your profile outlook is another critical factor; go over the image specifications, headers, and laid-out rules on particular social channels. Update your bio regularly to remind your audience about your brand. Also, verify whether you have posted the relevant and updated links. 

A wrong URL in an Instagram promotion is detrimental as the platform has a significant impact on social media. As a benchmark tool, use your worksheet to keep track of your social media accounts. Among the many things to account for are likes, shares, comments, views, mentions, number of followers, and main audience sections. Use these factors on the different social channels one at a time, or you can contrast them where relevant. 

When looking at shares on Facebook, you could contrast that to the number of retweets on Twitter. With the entries made on a worksheet, the idea is to determine where the components lie at a particular time. You get to decide on the length of time, and it could range from a month to a year. Once you zero in on the amount of time you prefer, you can acquire the precise information needed using social media audit tools. 

After you have gathered a few audits over time, you can compare them to each other to establish the progressive trend. To ascertain the progress percentage, you can have a column that keeps track of one audit to the other. The most efficient audit comparison is done after a year since the month to month may have inaccurate data. January differs from December since holiday sales are higher in the latter month. Seasonal differences are better studied when contrasting audits after a year. 

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