How Gambling Developed From Ancient To Modern Times

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The gambling spirit is in the person on the genetic level. Ancient ancestors knew what adrenaline is, and gambling feeling started in ancient times. Since then, games have evolved, they evolved with the mankind. 

The First Games of Ancestors: The Adventurous Ancient Rome And Egypt 

The first dice appeared in India, people played it in ancient Egypt and Rome. Some archaeological finds date back to the 20th century BC. Dices were made of animal bones; the edges were marked with soot. A little later, dice appeared in China. Even in the book of all the books, Bible, there is a mention of this game. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, the bones spread across the countries of Europe, and from there - through the territory of Kievan Rus. 

More than four thousand years have passed since then, but the game is still popular. It helps to brighten up leisure time in the company of friends or family. In gaming establishments, you can play sic-bo or craps. In Asian countries, these are the most popular casino games, they are more popular than roulette and poker. 

By the way, mankind created roulette in the 17th century. We do not have reliable information about who invented it, but some sources say that the author is a mathematician, Blaise Pascal. 

The First Casinos Of The Old 

In the rusty texts of Ancient Greece, China and Rome, there is a mention of the playgrounds, where people came to play craps and other games of luck. However, only in the 17th century the first specialized casino appeared. Where would you think it were? In the church! A gambling hall was opened in the Venetian church of Saint Moses. This place is chosen for a reason, ministers could control the players who gathered here during the Carnival. Gradually, they spread across Europe. In the 18th century the first casino opened in America. 

Gradually, there appeared a certain set of games that were offered in the casino: 

• Good old craps; 
• Card games: blackjack, baccarat, poker and some other; 
• Roulette in different variations. 

With the development of technology there began to appear slot machines, which greatly increased the range of games. The first slot appeared in England in 1887. In 1905, the legendary Liberty Bell slot was introduced to the public. In the 90s of the last century, mechanical slots were replaced by computerized ones primarily. 

Virtual Casino: History Of Development 

Developers of software for landing casino slots began to release versions of popular games, adapted to personal computers. The first one appeared to be offline entertainment, but they could not make bets, the game was conducted for fun only. The pioneer in the creation of network platforms was the company called Microgaming. In 1994 they released such software, which is considered the father of online casino slots. 

The lion's share of popular casino games has gradually migrated to the Internet: different variations of roulette, hundreds of card games, and a huge number of slot machines. Recently, there appeared virtual casinos with a live dealer. In such games you can enjoy a realistic game with a real dealer. There is a luxurious atmosphere of the VIP class gaming halls of the best online casinos. Here are other games: cards, Fortune wheels, bingo etc. You can find all this games on Shangri-La

Graphics and sound at altitude: complex game scenarios, specially recorded soundtracks, 3D images. Since 2023, there has emerged a new trend in the industry - social casino games

Mobile Casino History 

Gambling games adapted for mobile platforms, appeared in 10 years after the opening of the first virtual casino. At first, there were offline services with low resolution and functionality. In 2024, players were able to make the first bets in virtual games. A unique novelty was accepted with an applause, mobile casinos still have great popularity. 

Virtual casinos for mobile platforms do not differ much from gaming establishments on desktop devices now. They offer the same online slots for fun with a full menu and functionality. The main difference - focus on the finger touch. The mobile version of the Shangri La casino is adapted for finger control. 

Great Gambling - Casino Conclusion

In 2024, more than 7.8 billion smartphones and tablets were registered. 20% of users play virtual casino games online. According to forecasts, the number of gadgets by 2025 will grow by another 1 billion, and the number of players will increase by 10%. This means further development of casino games will continue to keep people entertained.

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