Why The Yes88 App Is Not A Scam

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The Yes88 App Casino is one of the most prominent Malaysia online gambling sites. This gambling hub, along with YesClub88, enjoys a high reputation among Malaysia players. Yes88 is an App whereas YesClub88 is a website for player’s convenience with scam-free online casino gaming. 

There are similar websites in the market who tend to copy Yes88 App, but the company intends to clarify that there are only 2 official gaming hubs by the company which you can find in the link. Other impersonating casino apps are fraudulent applications or websites.

YesClub88 And Yes88 Payment Methods And Withdrawal Times 

Making a deposit is extremely secure and fast. You could use the local payment gateway provided – iBayar or make a direct transfer via the partnering local banks in Malaysia. 

All withdrawals are quickly processed and will only take 5-10 minutes with no additional fees and surcharges. There are no scams or delays to deal with here!

Is My YesClub88 And Yes88 App Login Safe? 

It is absolutely secure to login through the website and app as it requires a TAC code when you register. Yes88 is not a scam and is a popular reputable online casino website or mobile app.

Games To Offer 


There are a lot of varieties in this all in one website and app with providers such as 918Kiss, Pussy888, Evo888, XE88, LionKing, Mega888 and so on. Spend your time wisely as there are a whole lot of games to offer on a secured platform with no scams or spam. 


The online casino also provides SBO, Obet 33 and IBC Sport for your betting convenience. Sport betting is fun an exciting and will take your viewing experience to the next level!

Live Casino 

If you are interested in Baccarat, Roulette or other live gambling games, there is also WM, Playtech and SA Gaming at your doorstep for you to easily access.

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