Tips To Keep Track Of Social Media Marketing Metrics

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Social media is something that businesses of all sizes should be using. Social channels make it possible to reach people who are interested in the products and services you offer. In addition to reaching them, the ongoing nature of social media marketing means you can build the necessary level of trust that’s needed for someone to buy from your business.

As a smart social media marketing consultant, we help businesses with all kinds of issues related to social media. Since this gives us an opportunity to see how different businesses are approaching their social efforts, we are able to notice trends across multiple industries and organization sizes. One issue we commonly see is businesses struggle to measure how well their social media efforts are performing. 

Although it wasn’t that long ago when getting concrete data from social media platforms was quite hard to do, the good news is that’s no longer the case. These platforms understand the value that data can give businesses and are happy to provide it. However, just because data is available doesn’t mean that measuring social media marketing performance is a breeze. 

Not only is there the issue of needing to measure results across multiple platforms, but there’s also the problem of trying to figure out which metrics are even meaningful. Without having a clear way to measure results, most businesses will struggle to find traction with their social media management. That’s why we want to cover the why and how of three social metrics worth measuring: 

Social Media Likes & Shares 

While social media can bring customers to your business, it’s important to remember that this channel generally sits at the top of the marketing funnel. That means most people will want to engage with your brand for a while before actually purchasing. You can measure that engagement through likes and shares. 

When these metrics are used as internal benchmarks, they go beyond vanity metrics and provide insight into what types of social content best resonate with your audience. 

Clicks To Your Website

Once someone is familiar with your business, you want to get them on social media and on to your website. Clicks are an ideal metric to measure for this purpose. You can see general trends about how many people are clicking to your site on a daily basis, along with which specific efforts are best at driving visits to your website

Average Time On Website 

It’s important to remember that not all clicks are equal. That’s why you should also measure how much time people spend on your site after clicking. If you suddenly notice that a bunch of social media visitors stayed on your site much less than normal, it probably means you pitched something on social that didn’t actually line up with the experience those visitors had when they arrived on your site.

Real Return On Investment

Find the social media net ROI (return on investment) by subtracting the advertising and/or administrative costs of your social media marketing ads from the sales they generated. Impressions, clicks, comments, likes and shares all great but without sales they don't mean very much. You need to convert!

Tracking social media marketing results isn't always easy. Keep these simple suggestions in mind to make quantifying your social selling efforts just a little simpler and smarter.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the top tips to keep track of your company's social media marketing major metrics.

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