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As an entrepreneur, you know that there's no such thing as excuses. Especially when it comes to fitness excuses. Everyone would like to be fitter and healthier, and maybe shift a few spare pounds. But the reality is that humans are hardwired to conserve as much time and energy as possible. Of course, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and has probably helped our species survive. For example, if a prehistoric man or woman decided they wanted to lose weight, they would have starved themselves to death in a relatively short space of time. But this fact does pose a problem when it comes to motivating yourself to beat off the excuses and get out there and get fit and healthy. 

Effectively, you’re fighting against evolutionary memory. But we don’t live in caveman times right now. We aren’t hunter-gatherers, and most of us spend a significant amount of time sitting down all day - not to mention the high-calorie foods we eat. So the reality is we have to push ourselves to get up and workout, or we’re going to end up in an unhealthy state. With this in mind, here are some common excuses your body and mind are trying to tell you - and how to defeat them. Give yourself the gift of accountability!

I Don’t Know How To Be Healthy

There is a wealth of information on the web on how to work out efficiently, and there are suitable exercises for any person, situation, or personal need. You can get all this helpful advice - for free - and learn the basics and develop your own workout programs in an hour or so of your time. And even if you find that too much of a task, there is plenty of help out there that can give you everything you need on a plate. Whether you head to your local gym in person or visit free websites for exercise advice, finding quality advice is a lot easier than you might think. And if that’s still too hard - get yourself a personal trainer! 

I Don’t Have Enough Time 

“I don’t have time” is, without doubt, the most common fitness excuse of all. And it’s an easy one to pull out, too. But let’s be honest. Watching TV, surfing the web, having a few drinks after work - most of us do all these things, and nothing is stopping you from replacing a few of these occasions with a workout. It’s not like working out has to take up an excessive amount of time, either. Try some HIIT for a half hour every day, and it will only take up to 2% of the time in your entire week. 

I Hate Working Out

Exercise is tedious is another excuse. But lots of things in life are dull and boring, and we would rather not do them - but we do. Who enjoys cleaning their teeth? Who likes washing up, or cleaning around the house? Is there anyone in history that has ever actually enjoyed taking the kids on the school run? Is there anyone out there that enjoys doing their tax returns? The reality is that even if you hate exercise, you need to do it for the benefit of your health and longevity. Whether it’s boring is irrelevant. 

I’m Too Exhausted

We get it - life is increasingly hard. But if you feel tired, there are probably a few reasons why. Firstly, it’s your mind fighting against you, which we covered in the intro. But secondly, it’s possibly down to the fact that you aren’t getting enough exercise anyway - or sleep, for that matter. But now let’s say that you do start working out. As Fat Burning Fitness points out, as you progress, you’ll find you have more energy, get a better night’s sleep, and feel a whole lot better about yourself. 

I Am Too Busy Being A Parent

OK, so this particular excuse is a slight spinoff from the previous one. Kids can be incredibly tiring, of course. And they also require a lot of your time. But if they are stopping you from getting exercise and your health and weight in check, it’s going to be their problem - not yours. You want the best for your kids, right? And if you are telling them the benefits of exercise without doing any yourself, they aren’t going to buy it. And you don’t want to burden them with an incredibly ill parent, either. So, get out there and find the time - swap exercise days with your partner, if possible. And take your kids with you, too - workout together. Not only will it get everyone in the family super healthy, but you won’t be missing out on spending time with them, either. 

I Am Not Motivated

This is a tricky one, and again, it’s down to mindset. However, one thing needs to be made clear - you shouldn’t have to be motivated to exercise. As we pointed out earlier, working out and exercise is vital to your overall health and wellbeing. It will help you live a longer, happier life, and keep you active well into old age. It will help you be brighter and more productive at work. That’s your motivation, right there. 

I Have A Tight Budget

It As we discussed earlier, the gym isn’t your only option. There is plenty of free advice online, fitness apps, and all kinds of other information you can access for free when it comes to workout tips. And if you can’t afford regular gym payments, just go outside and look around you. A low hanging tree branch could be the perfect pull-up bar. Your local forest gives you a wonderful chance of experiencing nature while you take your morning or evening jog. And you can always go down the Rocky Balboa route by chopping logs in your backyard. There are so many fitness activities you can do without spending a dime - just use your imagination! 

No more excuses! Everyone faces obstacles, it’s all about how you react to them that counts. Good luck!

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to stop the constant excuses and start getting healthier with improved performance.

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