How To Improve Business Meetings And Branding With Airtame

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Long gone are the days when business meeting rooms had to be bland and boring. Meeting rooms and boardrooms have indeed evolved over the years and decades. They’re colorful, creative, include artwork, and above all are much more technologically advanced. 

The purpose of a meeting room is not only to make people sit and talk. It is to present an idea and to create a solid plan. When you invite someone for a meeting, you either want to buy or sell a product or service or pitch an idea. 

In most cases, you have high hopes from the business meeting as your career or success is on the line. They can help leave a solid impression on the other party. 

Here are some top tips on how you can make your meeting rooms stand out and step up. 

Take Care Of The Environment 

When we talk about the environment, we mean everything from the lighting in the room to room temperature to furniture. 

The meeting room should look like a meeting room and not like any other room. Your typical meeting room has a large table in the middle with chairs for attendees to sit. In advanced meeting rooms, you may also see a sound system with microphones for presenters and attendees to give their two cents. 

You may also see a whiteboard at the front for the presenter to make use of during the presentation. It’s used to illustrate concepts and explain procedures. However, the use of a whiteboard is cumbersome and can also delay work. 

These days, companies use computers as everything is stored on the web. You can make a presentation on PowerPoint on any other software and display it directly on the board – removing the need to do any manual work. 

It helps save time and money and also leaves a very positive impact on the audience. However, the use of such technology also comes with drawbacks. Imagine tons of wires lying around haphazardly. It looks unsightly. Plus, there’s also the risk of things going haywire due to one or more wires not working. 

This is why experts suggest to go wireless and try Airtame. Thanks to such technology, it is possible to stream data (videos, audios, documents, photos, etc.) without any wires. 

Here are some benefits of wireless technology: 

Wireless technology: 

• Improves collaboration and mobility 
• Allows associates and staff to share presentations quickly 
• Improves customer service and business processes 
• Improves the transfer of data, ideas, and information 
• Makes it easier for your partners and customers services access 

What Is Airtame

Airtame is a small HDMI adapter that lets you display HD quality video presentations on any connected screen from any wireless device. It even comes with an HDMI extender if it is too big for your screen space. 

This fully business-optimized streaming device works with almost every operating system including Windows Mac OS, iOS, Linux and Chromebook. It’s very easy to use and works as a plug-and-play device. 

It requires a little configuration but that’s not a daunting task thanks to the system being very easy to use. Plus, the customer success team is always available to answer all your questions and help you get started, or troubleshoot your connection. In fact, you can even request a free demo call to be shown exactly how Airtame works and how it can benefit your business. 

Once you configure it, Airtame is virtually maintenance free. You can stream and share your presentations wireless to a screen. When you are not presenting, Airtame allows you to use the screens to display custom digital signage. This can be set with Airtame’s custom Homescreen apps such as Trello, Unsplash, World Clock, and Google Slides just to name a few. 

Most importantly, for the pursuit of perfectly designed rooms, Airtame is a committed cable-free solution. We have all been privy to stepping into a messy and uninspiringly presented meeting room. Airtame matches functionality with a progressive design approach to make your workspace and thus meetings less cluttered and more productive.

Business meetings don't have to be the same boring and unproductive events that they used to be. Keep these suggestions in mind and make your meetings more impactful for all involved. 

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to improve your business meetings and boardroom presentations with Airtame tech.

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