Can I Recover Missing Clips From Time-Lapse Videos?

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A lot of people end up taking time-lapse videos by mistake on their phones. After the fact, they realize that they're missing a large number of frames in their movie. Is there a way to get those missing frames back? 

Unfortunately there isn't a way to recover unrecorded clips from time-lapse videos. Here are some alternate solutions to get the most out of the video footage that you did record: 

1) Slow It Down 

A good way to smooth out the video, depending on the time-lapse speed settings, is to slow down the video to anywhere from around 2% - 10% speed. A good free website to slow down (or speed up) videos is 

2) Cut Video Down To Size

During most time-lapse videos, there are some segments that are smoother than others. A great free website to try out is Video Cutter Online

3) Video Editing Services has a lot of good local or international video editors. It would probably be $25-75 which is a small fraction of anyone in the US. Some are better than others but I've had good results with them on a variety of other online services. 

4) Hire A Professional Video Editor 

When in doubt, hire a video editing professional. Most are familiar with time-lapse video production, as well as the process of making the best out of time-lapse videos that were meant to be normal videos. This will be the most expensive option  

5) Video Editing And Graphic Design Software 

Using mid-level to advanced video editing and graphic design software, you can try to smooth out the missing frames and transitions. 

6) Recreate The Missing Frames

This is an option if you are a skilled photographer or videographer AND it is something that can be recreated at all. It could be a very lengthy and tedious process with no guarantee of video improvement, but it could be worth a shot if you have the talent and drive. 

7) Isolate The Best Screenshots 

If you don't want to deal with your choppy time-lapse video, you could always take screenshots of the best moments on your phone or computer. 

8) Make A Slideshow 

Another option is creating a slideshow of the best screenshots. Could be done by Fiverr or a video editing / PowerPoint professional. 

Hopefully at least one of these methods using software, websites, slideshows or remote video editing professionals will help to fill in those accidentally removed frames. Best of luck to you! 

I hope you enjoyed this article about how you can make the best of missing clips from an inadvertent time-lapse video.

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