Tactical Approaches To Win The SEO Game

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Utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) is vital when promoting your business online. Having the best SEO is a massive undertaking and the rules change almost every day thanks to updated algorithms. There are several reasons why it’s the biggest game in town, if you want marketing success on Google that is. Google has a massive monopoly on the search engine industry, with over 90% market share in the United States and 60-90% market share in most other countries around the world.

Some people may say that links or content creation are the answer to online marketing success. While both are essential to your SEO plan, they’re not the only important facets. A quality SEO campaign harnesses a combination of various tactics. These search engine optimization strategies can help increase your business’ growth in a tangible way. However, make sure that the SEO campaign is tailored to your business, otherwise it won't reach its full potential.

Let’s review some smart SEO approaches for your business to increase keyword ranking and organic traffic on Google: 

Build Backlinks

Increasing the quantity and quality of backlinks (especially dofollow backlinks as opposed to nofollow links) is a top priority to improve your SEO. Each backlink from a reputable website is another sign for Google to rank your website higher in search results. Gaining free backlinks is an important consideration for any site. 

Regular Website Audits And Updates 

Whether keeping up with the latest trends, making adjustments to your website, or taking steps to boost your search engine rankings; an audit and update is necessary to maintain a strong online presence. An up-to-date, easy to navigate website is essential, because Google’s algorithms change unexpectedly. 

Hire An SEO Professional 

Driving traffic to your website gets exposure for your business. For example, hiring a team to handle your local SEO in Hamilton can help guarantee your place in the game. A qualified SEO firm provides a necessary audit for your website. By doing so, they identify and fix issues like low-quality links, slow loading speed, poor content, etc. 

Create High-Quality Content 

A great SEO specialist will review your competition’s content that gets highly ranked on SERP (search engine result pages). Make your content marketing strategy stronger than your competitors’, and write about exciting topics. Rewarding high-quality content with higher ranking is not likely to change among search engines. Well-written content draws both new and return visitors. Focus on topics that are of interest to your targeted audience, and write in a clear, concise style that keeps their attention. 

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly 

The overall number of mobile device users in the world is increasing. As of 2018, statistics show the global population of smartphones at approximately 4.57 billion and growing. Making your website mobile-friendly can increase traffic by 50%. Google favors websites with faster loading speeds. Optimizing your website for better access makes pages load faster on mobile devices -- a winning move for SEO. 

Manage Load Time And UX (User Experience) 

Potential clients tend to leave websites that take more than five seconds to load. When it comes to page-load time, every second counts. Dominate the SEO game by managing load time and user experience; improve your website’s performance today to increase your bottom line. 

The Right Web Hosting 

Even the right web hosting provider can be essential to your SEO strategy. If your website won't load quickly or consistently, it will severely damage your Google PageRank. Top providers include HostGator, GoDaddy, Bluehost and several others.  

Go With An SEO Pro And Grow

An SEO professional can make a huge difference in your marketing strategy and financial success. Make improvements to your website and score big with increased organic traffic. If you want better internet and online marketing results for your business, call Local SEO Search at (416) 888-8756 or visit our website at http://www.localseosearch.ca/.

I hope you enjoyed this article about top tactical approaches to take to win the SEO strategy game on Google and other search engines.

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