Why People Are Living With Cell Mates Instead Of Soul Mates

cell mate vs soul mate relationship lockdown

The term soul mate refers to a special someone who is compatible and easy to get along with. This person can be of the opposite gender, an animal, or another human companion. However, a soulmate is not always the best way to live a long life. Some relationships can feel more like being in a prison cell with all its rules, regulations, and lockdowns. 

Many people feel like they are living with their cellmate rather than with their soulmate. This can be frustrating and disorienting, especially when one partner is cheating on the relationship emotionally or physically. They feel like their needs are not being met or they are not achieving what they want from their relationship. It can also make them feel like they are being imprisoned or trapped in their partnerships. 

Rose Smith, a relationship expert and owner of Absolute Soul Secrets, said that many people are looking for help in relationships. Most likely, it is related to the concept of soulmates! 

According to her, "Unfortunately, being with your soul mate can end up feeling like you are cell mates because we are locked into a long-term commitment with no way out; I hear from people all the time that their life is regimented by controlling partners and they are looking to a psychic for advice on a way out. 

She further said, "Unfortunately, people enter into long-term commitments such as marriages with someone they feel is their soul mate, and they stay way past the relationship's use-by date."

"It could be much better to find a soul mate, learn the lesson in life they were sent to teach you, and then move on, rather than feeling obligated to stay together forever." 

If you are in a relationship, it is possible that you are living with a cellmate. While you may enjoy a great deal of common ground, you don't share the same values and goals. This means that the person you are living with may not be your true soul mate. Here are some signs, according to Ms. Smith, that you are living with a cellmate rather than a soulmate: 

One person sets the rules of the house: There is a big difference between a soul mate and a cellmate. In a relationship with a soul mate, you and your partner are genuinely compatible and share mutual love and respect. You can have difficult discussions about any issues without blaming each other. Moreover, a cellmate will try to control your life and will make it suffocating for you. 


A cellmate will make you feel like you are in lockdown, and you won't be able to share or express your feelings in a true manner. It can start to feel like a life sentence when you can't leave your home, go to your favorite places, or socialize as much.

Staring At Four Walls 

While falling in love with someone is easy, you should know several key differences between a soul mate and a cellmate. Soul mates have genuine compatibility, respect, and love for each other, but when it comes to cellmates, you may feel like a lot has changed, and you start to feel bored. 

You Are Hoping For Early Parole 

You begin to hope for a solution that doesn't involve ending the relationship. You may feel the need to go on holiday by yourself or even ask your partner to go out without you so that you can breathe freely! 

You Doubt Your Ability To Function On The Outside

Living a rigid life can cause you to lose self-esteem and confidence. You may even believe you will never find someone who will tolerate you. 

According to Ms. Smith, "There is no such thing as one perfect person for everyone or one soul mate - we all have several soul mates. The term soul mate has been romanticized and over-used for so many years that some people are using the notion of soul mates being forever to cling on to doomed relationships. We need to recognize the writing on the wall and move on when you know it's over."

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