Why Business Relocation Is At Its Most Popular

why business relocation is popular now offices moving

This past year has been eventful for Texas with over two hundred corporate businesses relocating from other states including well-known Oracle, Hewlett Packard, and Tesla to name a few. Other corporations or statups are moving to Florida for similar reasons. For many companies, the benefits of moving now outweigh any advantages of remaining in high tax states as regulations and labor shortages continue to squeeze their profitability and growth potential. 

According to the Hoover Institution, one hundred fourteen of those businesses hail from California. California imposes higher taxes on businesses than any other state and its strict Covid regulations were too much for small businesses to overcome. New York is a close second for driving its businesses over the state lines with residents. Both states put additional stresses on their residents by requiring proof of vaccination, causing some businesses to lose employees and others to have difficulty finding them. 

Business movers have had several very busy seasons, following a low that occurred at the beginning of the pandemic when most things were shut down. Despite the closures, the moving industry was deemed a necessary business because it is related to housing, so recovery did not take long. In 2021, according to Ibis World, the moving industry increased 5.4%, compensating for earlier losses. 

Although mandates were recently dismissed, New York continues to be plagued with a rise in crime since police have stepped back from intervening when protestors became violent. The culture and activities that once made the city vibrant are no longer alluring enough to retain residents willing to pay high prices. Many are relocating to their summer homes in the Hamptons and upstate Westchester neighborhoods. A former New Yorker recently said, “I prefer to remember New York the way it was before the pandemic. It’s no longer recognizable.” 

It is sad to see these internationally renowned cities deteriorate due to poor policies, neglect, and irresponsible politicians. The people who remain either believe they have no choice but to live with their circumstances or haven’t been pushed to the point of standing up for their rights. But realistically, why pay more to live somewhere when the quality of life you were paying for no longer exists? The lure of the country and having more space has enticed people to leave cities and close quarters. 

Ultimately, the strength of the business comes from the community and the dedication of its employees. If a business can offer its employees a better way of life in a new location and makes it easy for them to move, good employees are likely to follow. Finding employees willing to work when many had the option to stay home and accept the additional unemployment compensation has been another unfortunate side effect of the health crisis that businesses were forced to endure. 

Many moving companies offer employee relocation services, assisting in moving, finding new housing, and even setting up household services like electric, cable, and phone. If you can offer your staff compensation for moving, the decision is easier for them and the hiring situation will be easier for you in the long run. Sometimes in business it is best to move on and move forward!

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