6 Ways To Lure Likes On Instagram

how to gain more likes on Instagram increase post engagement

It's time to leverage likes! Similar to a large base of followers that reflect the diversifying customer contacts and leads businesses possess, earning a venerable amount of likes from every post on Instagram equates to the same status. 

Therefore, likes are the mainstream of Instagram. The more you get them, the higher chances of earning followers, customer engagement, and views you have. 

Are you a struggling business owner and brainstorming ideas on how to get likes on Instagram? Here is a list of 6 ways that can garner you more likes on your business account posts and stories! 

Top 6 Ways To Grow Instagram Post And Story Likes

1. Qualitative Images And Clips 

Instagram is home to artistically fitted and aesthetic images that can swoon the eyes quickly. Images with high quality and short video clips with good audio and video settings are given much more preference. Neither over-edit the image nor leave it completely bland. You can also use the Pinterest accessing feature available on the tab of Instagram to add pictures. 

The reels, for now, are the fashion of this new normal. Therefore, heart-thudding announcements, like the updates of the latest releases, can be deployed in the short clips. 

2. Seek The Stats 

Target the audience and get to know their preferences. According to the recent statistics, trends and analytics are drawn, you may customize the post. There is a varied composition of age groups on Instagram. Therefore, the brand has to work to find its primary audience. 

For example, according to Ad Espresso, 130 million users had been surfing through the shopping posts. It means, if, as a business, you curate attractive product selling posts, you can get hold of this horde of users. 

3. Draw Creative Engagement 

Create posts that act as the epicenter of attention from a broader mass. You can make posts that say "Limited Offer" or "Special Editions" or "Discounts" to grab the customer attention for new releases and limited stocks. In this way, the traffic will diverge to your portals in vast numbers. 

Add eye-catching captions to every post; put a line concerning "Like comment, share and Save, and drop a follow for more" tag related people to the post, and experiment with long-length and short-length captions. 

Also, whenever you post, add it to your Instagram story. Upgrade the game further by beginning your engagement tactics in stories, highlights, and reposts. 

4. The Hashtag And Sticker Duo 

It would help if you learned the right hashtags, as these are the best magnets for likes and customer engagement. Use the hashtags on stories, too, along with the locators; this also ensures more views, and if the post is tagged in the story, the post shall also be viewed and liked by the viewers. 

Keep Instagram as a recreational platform and paint an approachable image for the followers by using cute stickers and emojis on posts and stories. 

5. The Story To Heart 

Instagram stories are the game changers in almost all aspects. 

Make announcements for giveaways and other commotions. For example, you can create a story that imparts essential announcements at a specific post at so and so times. Then, everyone will watch the story. Through this, you can create linking methods like guessing polls, questionnaires, and surveys to keep the audience engaged until the post is out. 

Along with views, the post will be quickly liked by several as the audience's anticipation finally paid off. 

6. The IGTV Panorama 

Go live from time to time on Instagram stories and then post it as a video. As the audience will be engaged in live shows, the likes will keep on coming from them. And for those who missed it, the posted video will be liked by them later on. 

IGTV platforms are essential; you can use them for views and likes by posting interviews with venerable personalities or providing a full-fledged knowledgeable outlet that will keep the followers intrigued. 

Instagram Increases

The process of deluging yourself to dig for likes on Instagram is quite a painstaking business as nothing comes sooner. However, there is an easy way out that will restore your drained social media marketing resolve. 

You can easily buy likes on Instagram and earn you your well-deserved preferences that can help build an infallible image of the business profile. Now, do not fret regarding reaching the top of your Instagram social marketing growth game.

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