Top 5 Reasons To Live Off Campus

top reasons to live off campus college student commute vs dorms

While most university students have to stay on campus during their freshman year, you often have the freedom to choose where you live for the rest of your education. One of the biggest questions college students face is to live on or off campus. Whether you stay in a residence hall or UW off campus housing can drastically impact your college experience. Although staying on campus puts you closer to class and social activities, off campus housing has its own perks. If you're having trouble deciding, you should consider the reasons people live away from school and commute. Here are some of the top reasons people live away from school as a student in college or university. 

1. You Can Save Money 

Dorms can be extremely expensive at most colleges and universities. However, not all off campus options are cheaper. Therefore, you will need to do some research about the cost of living in nearby neighborhoods. Chances are you can find one that is nearby to your school and cheaper. Plus, you can lower the cost even more if you have reliable roommates. 

2. You Have No Rules 

When you live in a dorm, you must deal with rules and quiet hours along with resident advisors. Although this is fine for a lot of people, others prefer living with no rules. This means you can create your perfect living environment with your own hours and rules. Aside from allowing you to figure out what type of lifestyle works best for you, it can also contribute to better studying habits. 

3. You’ll Become More Responsible 

The biggest reason you should move off campus is that you will build responsibility for your post-graduate life. You'll learn about paying bills, managing a home, and other necessary skills for becoming independent. Budgeting, time management, and cooking will all be added to your tool kit. Plus, you'll start building your rental history, making it easier to get a place in the future. That will bring you closer to becoming a fully independent adult. Living in an apartment is joining the real world while being in a dorm room is a far cry from reality.

4. You’ll Get More Space 

A major benefit is that off campus houses or apartments are more spacious than dorms. This means you get extra storage space, a bigger kitchen, a living room, and a separate bedroom. That will give you more room for spreading out. In addition, you can bring your hobby gear and set up shop in your new space with ease, meaning you can get more relaxation in. 

5. You’ll Have Some Serious Fun 

Finally, you will have the option to live off campus with your friends, giving you more fun opportunities. You can decorate your new space and have friends over whenever you want. Plus, it will be easier for you to explore off campus areas, get to know the city, and engage in community activities. This can make your college experience more enjoyable as a commuter college student. 

Ditch The Dormitories

If you're returning to school after your freshman year, you're going to need to think about where you want to live. Living off campus can offer many unique benefits vs traditional dorm rooms. Keep these in mind when choosing your housing arrangements, so you get the best fit for your educational needs while ditching the dorms.

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