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Consulting is a challenging and cyclical business niche, whether you work for a top firm or as your own boss. The year 2020 certainly caused many businesses to suffer from financial losses, which is why 2021 seems to be the year of growth and countless opportunities for consulting professionals. Since all businesses are shaped and affected by the pandemic, there are certain emerging trends that all businesses need to be aware of, including freelance consultants. 

When it comes to freelance consultancy, you need an exceptional consulting cover letter to stand out from other candidates in the market. Nonetheless, suppose you are running an online consultancy company or are a freelance consultant. In that case, you must be aware of the following top freelance consultancy trends in 2021. 

Remote Work Is Here To Stay 

Besides the profession of freelance consultants, remote working is more likely to stay for many upcoming years for other professions too. This aspect indicates that freelance consultants need to include this aspect in their consulting resumes. 

The essential benefit of remote working for potential freelance consultants is that they'll have more flexibility for choosing where they want to work and with whom they want to work. The other benefit is that online consulting has high hourly wages, and consultants could make good money. At top consulting companies, management consultant salary starts from $100,000 per year for entry-level, and it may hit $200,000 for senior consultants (bonuses and profit sharing included)! 

As an independent consultant, you will be sharing the online business landscape with everyone else, which means that you won’t have to potentially convince your clients to let you work remotely since most of your clients will be demanding it themselves. 

Remote working has caused the emergence of different online platforms and business solutions that allow different businesses and customers to sync with each other 24/7 for collaborative working. This fact also enables freelance consultants to ace market sizing questions. 

An Increased Demand For Specialists 

Since more businesses are struggling with adapting to the fast-growing tech market that has changed the online landscape entirely, there is an increased demand for specialist consultants, which means that simply serving as a management consultant won’t suffice. 

In other words, you will have to bring more value to the market, and an exceptional consulting cover letter could help you have a better future. The underlying idea is to become a specialist in at least one or two sectors instead of serving as a general consultant. 

You have to understand that we are moving in a digital era where people are constantly looking for innovative solutions to their problems – and a consultant’s special expertise in any given sector will be taken into account. 

You might want to conduct some research and get a better idea about which consultancy niche might work out best for you and where your passion lies – since you should love your job and not be a slave to it. 

Top Consulting Niches

Some of the evergreen and highly-demanded consultancy sectors include strategy consulting, marketing consulting, business operations consulting, and digitalization consulting. However, it is better to stay in touch with the ongoing demands that people and businesses have when they look for consultants. 

Just remember to not try to be everything at once, as this will only cause you to be a jack of all trades and master on none – something that you will want to avoid at all costs. As a general consultant, you won’t solve modern business problems, which is why many businesses prefer hiring multiple specialist consultants instead of hiring a general business consultant. 

Freelance Consulting Conclusion 

Another trend to look out for in 2021 includes the demand from freelance consultants to prove your worth by generating more results with limited sources. Understandably, we are moving through hard times, with loads of financial pressure, which is why companies feel the need to justify every penny invested. 

That said, freelance consultants need to steer their boat with care, tactics, and smart strategies while achieving their results with limited sources. So fire up your freelance consulting business today with smart strategies and the ability to always adapt!

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