What To Hang And What To Fold In A Closet To Save Space

clothing what to hang vs fold closet save space

One of the most effective techniques for maximising your closet space is to know what you should hang and what you should fold. Some people may think that the best way to have a neat and orderly storage space is to have their clothes on hangers and stored in one place, but little do they know that some garments are best kept folded. You may have a peek oat this list, which can undoubtedly make a big difference in how you look at your closet. 

What To Hang 

Jackets, blazers, and coats, especially during winter, should be put in an area where there is enough space underneath. There are several fitted wardrobe UK companies that will be able to help in giving intelligent storage solutions for bulky and big trench coats. Choose a hanger that will support and help hold the shape of heavier ones. Experts recommend curved suit hangers for clothes that are made from heavy materials. 

Trousers and dress pants are also part of the list. There are two ways to hang these types of garments: first, you can hang them with clips by their waist or hem, and second, by folding them in half and putting them over a hanger. 

Do not forget to hang dresses and blouses. These types of clothes are delicate and should be on a padded hanger. For blouses, always keep the buttons closed so that the collar's shape will stay intact. 

When hanging these types of clothes, always bear in mind to keep hangers evenly between other items to prevent crowding and wrinkling. Also, it is better to insert the hanger from the bottom part because otherwise it will stretch out the collar—resulting in the distortion of the garment. 

What To Fold 

T-shirts—long-sleeved or short-sleeved—are best kept folded since they will get stretched out when hung for a long time. There are different folding tricks for tees all over the internet to keep them safe without a crease in your closet. 

Pants such as jeans, cargo pants, cords, shorts, and khakis are made of heavy materials that are durable and thick. They can also be folded without wrinkling. 

There's no need to hang bras and undergarments. It is most efficient to store them in a storage box and place it on the floor space of your closet for easier access. The same goes for socks and scarves. 

Moreover, knitted clothing like knitted dresses, sweaters, and pants don't wrinkle, so they are also part of the list. In these cases, it is better to gently give the clothes a shake before folding to help them lay flat and for them to be easier to fold. 

Store Your Clothes Correctly In The Closet

The way you store your clothes can be a matter of choice and preference. But it is also good to be aware of these simple "what-to dos" and "what-not-to dos" Your wardrobe is the home of your clothes, and they spend the majority of their time there, so storage is a vital part of how long they will last.

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