Prevent Burnout In Teams Through Rafting

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In this age of Silicon Valley and start-ups, a lot of people are starting to realize that a work-life balance is not that easy to achieve when you work for at least 70 hours a week. 

Just last year in May 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a statement stating that burn-out is an occupational phenomenon. While it is not a medical condition, it is still dominant in a lot of companies, especially those that require people to work long hours. Burn-out, as defined by the WHO, refers to a syndrome that is brought by “chronic workplace stress”. 

Today, companies are called upon to help prevent burn-out and create careers that allow a work-life balance. Although this is easier said than done for start-up companies, it is not impossible. One of the ways you can do it is by incorporating a team-building activity that helps take away the stress of work. 

Rafting As A Form Of Therapeutic Activity 

Whitewater rafting has always been considered as an extreme sport or recreational activity by people who want to do something exciting in the outdoors. While not your usual team-building activity, it helps a lot in reducing the risk of burnout. Here are the reasons why. 

1. It Exposes You To Nature

A lot of employees spend the rest of their working lives sitting on a desk. Except for the occasional coffee and restroom breaks, employees are bound to their desks by glue. However, this is not a good way of reducing burn-out. Therapists and psychologists always recommend going out and taking a break when you are experiencing fatigue whether physically or mentally. In the case of rafting, you spend at least 1-2 days away from your desk. Rafting exposes you to the beauty of nature which is a natural stress reliever. 

2. It Takes Your Mind Off Of Work

When you are already rafting down the river, it is impossible to think of work. Why? Because there is no time! There is no time to think of all the documents you have to sign or all the reports you have to make when your teammate is barking instructions and you make sure you paddle the raft to safety while enjoying the sport of it

3. It’s A Good Stress Reliever

One of the reasons why burn-out is prevalent among employees is due to the lack of stress relievers that act as a release for all the frustration, disappointment, stress, and all the other ill feelings that you felt at work. Psychologists recommend that you always have an outlet so that you release that stress instead of building it up inside you. 

Rafting is a good outlet because it takes you away from the toxic environment at work and it also serves as a physical activity where you exert power that releases the stress. Plus, rafting serves as a great form of exercise. You’re not only preventing burn-out, but you’re also creating steps towards a healthier body. 

4. Have Tons Of Laughs

“Laughter is the best medicine,” as a lot of people say. While there’s no study to prove whether this is true, people always feel better after having a laugh. When you go rafting, you’ll be communicating, focusing, and even sharing funny moments once you go back to the river bank. It’s an enabler of good memories for your employees. 

5. There’s No Need For Coffee

And finally, you get to steer clear of coffee. Rafting helps you get into focus without needing coffee. The adrenaline and the excitement are natural, so you don’t have to depend on caffeine. Plus, you get to have a good night’s sleep after a physically exhausting day. Because you didn’t overload on caffeine during your rafting session, you don’t have to deal with lack of sleep at night.

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