Moving To Poland: Your Next Career Destination

moving to poland career relocation

Are you planning to relocate to Poland for a better job and living? Then we agree with your choice of destination. Poland is a beautiful country and also is one of the most developed countries in the world. The country uses English as its second language and has an abundance of job opportunities Besides beauty, Poland has a low cost of living a great health care system and adventures that appeal to everyone. 

However, moving to Poland requires a lot of planning like hiring, hiring Household overseas moving services; check out schools for kids, selecting an area to live in and the visa process. Alas, in the end, it will all be worth it. Here are a few things to do when you relocate 

1. Visas 

Poland has three types of visas, Airport Transit Visa, Short- term visa and National long-stay visa. If you’re staying in Poland for more than 90 days then you should apply for a long-term visa. Also, the long-term visa will give you a permit to visit different Schengen countries. To work in Poland you would need a visa from the responsible authorities. The nearest polish embassy or the polish consulate can help you. However, if you are a national of the non-EU country you won't need a visa if you're going for a visit that does not exceed the 90-day limit. Also, they have a list of counties to whom they offer visa-free entry. 

2. Obtain A Residential Card 

Once you have submitted the permit forms, you will be able to obtain a residence card from Poland. This card is the conformation if your identity during your halt in Poland. Besides your travel papers, they allow you to cross the border without a visa tour other Europe countries. When you receive the card make sure it has a voivode. 

3. Residence In Poland 

Polish homes are small and don't offer many facilities. There are very few luxury apartments that are usually acquired by ex-pats. When you go in search of a house, be sure to first approach any friend or relative who can guide you. If you're hunting apartments be prepared to spend a long time on it and if your polish is not strong take someone who can speak the language. Make sure the heating and water systems work and bargain the rent price- polish owners tend to charge foreigners more than the normal. 

4. Moving Companies In Poland 

Once you have rented the house, you would need the household moving services that can bring your stuff from your previous residence to the new one. Before you hire one make sure, that they have an insurance policy that can save you from a lot of hassle. Ask how your stuff would be treated from going one place to another – it is best if they loaded in carts before being out in the lorry. Lastly, inquire if they have brokerage services who can handle the port documentation. 

5. Embrace Poland 

Warsaw, Poland's capital is a fast-moving country that has various things to offer in its urban life. It is perfect for families as well as singles. They offer activities that would suit both. The country has a lot of heritage and experiences that will make you learn. So when you move here for a short time be ready to embrace the experience.

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