How To Boost Your Business On Pinterest

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There are numerous means of advertising and social media marketing is the newest one. If you want a modern and different opportunity to distinguish your business from your rivals, we offer a different social networking site. 

Pinterest is definitely worth spending time or even money to be in the eye of a more diverse customers. 

It has been reported that 90 percent of pinners use this platform to make purchase decisions instead of personal connections. More importantly, 50 percent of users have purchased the Promoted Pins they have seen on this site. 

So, if you are going to attract more pinners and be promoted, you should follow these simple steps. 


The first step in this journey is to create a valid business profile to obtain brand credibility. You cannot be in the public eyes if you do not pass this step. 


The next step is to introduce yourself via “About me” section. The most important matter in this step is to choose the best keywords. The more relevant and unique the keywords are, the more efficient you will be found in users’ searches. 


The other important matter is to make creative Hashtag which are brand-related, specific, and different. Hashtag will work on Pinterest just like on Instagram and Twitter. 


You should add the icon of Pinterest on your websites, preferably at the end of each page, to increase the chance of sharing your content on this platform. 


Many market experts may suggest that you should set aside a solid time schedule for posting. We offer to be more flexible and try different times of days and even weeks. By this approach, you can get feedback and optimize your posting plan. In addition, there are some social media scheduling tools by which you can automate this process.

Landing Page

Every page in a website, especially the home page, has a purpose and is a potential search engine landing page. A considerable number of internet users are using smart phones. So, you should optimize your landing pages to be suitable for these users. 


You should spend enough time to create or select colorful images for your landing page. Socialtradia says that the influencers (on Instagram) who do not care much about this duty will be forced to find a person to purchase their page. On Pinterest also you need to care about the appearance of you landing page. 


You can use up to 5 featured boards in order to please visitors to your profile with a rotating showcase of your best offerings. 


Please do not leave your Pins without any informative content and extra links. About 30 percent of customers are accustomed to the Pins containing links to more information. 

Paid Advertisement

This site has some organic capabilities that brands can take advantage of without paying. However, you can should use paid advertisements to increase the pinners of your posts. 

Targeted Audience

To be honest, Pinterest is more likely to be viewed by women. Because females are more than 80 percent out of 250 million monthly active users of this social media. Therefore, clothes, food recipes, shoes, jewelry, luxurious stuff, etc. are the most Promoted Pins on Pinterest. This trend will provide businesses with the chance of target their audience and put favorite female keywords on Pinterest.

Final Word 

Pinterest introduces itself as "Catalog of Ideas" and currently have more than 290 million monthly active users. Although it has not been growing like Instagram, on this platform, you can reach a more targeted audience for specific products instead of a chatting atmosphere. So, do not waste time and open a profile to grow your business on it.

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