6 Tips To Nail Your Pitch And Win Over Startup Funding

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If you are an entrepreneur attempting to raise funds for your business, then you must have gotten used to meeting multiple investors and pitching your business ideas. If you are not succeeding with any of the meetings with investors, then do not assume there is an issue with your business idea, mostly the issue would be in the way you are presenting your pitch to the investors. 

There are a few tips you need to keep in your mind while meeting with the investors the next time; 

1. Avoid Small Talk

Do not indulge in small talk as most investors are already busy and do not have extra time to spare. Stick to your pitch and talk only around your business to use all the time you get with them. Most VC investors are too busy to waste much time and probably have other companies to look at on the same day.

2. Do Not Show Your Dependency On Them

Though the investor may be aware that you need this money to run your business but if you absolutely have no funds before meeting with the investor, they may ignore you completely as you may sound inexperienced and too much of a risk to invest in. 

Do some groundwork and save funds by doing a few jobs or asking your family members. Invest a part of the money in a quick side business apart from your core business so that the fast revenues can support your core business. One such area where you can invest to get quick returns is bitcoin trading. Many businesses are venturing into this as it requires less investment and if done correctly, the returns are great. Make sure you invest in the right trading software such as CryptoSoft after reading its review.

3. Be Authentic

Do not lie about any aspect of your business. If you do not know an answer, be authentic and share the truth with them. It will not show you are incompetent; it will just showcase your ability to accept your shortcomings and learn from it which is a great quality of a businessman. 

4. Over-Prepare

This is a very important opportunity for you as this funding will be a crucial part in making or breaking your business hence do not be under-prepared. In fact, over prepare yourself for the meeting by framing answers beforehand for probable questions they will ask. Rehearse in front of your business partner or friend to be thoroughly aware of the terms you will be using. Watch series like Shark Tank to improve your pitch as this show is quite similar to what you are going to do. 

5. Don't Over-Share

When you talk about your business to investors, it is a good idea to give them relevant information about your business which will help them make a decision but digging too much inside your own business in front of them will only make the weeds visible hence make a note of the pieces of information you will be sharing which will help in putting your business in a positive light and refrain from sharing any other information. 

6. Speak To The Point

Do not speak by rounding off the terms instead be accurate. If your business has made a revenue of $2.54 million, do not say "our business could raise a revenue of about $2.5 million last year". Instead, speak to the point and talk with precision. It is your business and you should be ready with such crucial numbers. After all, each figure matters when it comes to generating potential funding from investors

Pitch Perfect

Investors say more "no" than "yes" to even top startups, so do not get upset if you are turned down by a few as that does not mean your proposal is not good enough. It just means they do not share your vision; you just need to keep pitching to various investors and if your proposal is solid, you will definitely find someone whose vision resonates with yours.

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