8 Tips To Thrive As A Freelance Entrepreneur

how to make it as a freelance entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are considered to be the guys who have started their own company. While in most cases this is true, nowadays entrepreneurs are also finding success becoming a freelancer and providing their services such as marketing, designing, programming, and writing. While most freelancing jobs are about finding clients who need services, a few jobs do not even need you to find clients and can be done individually such as investment in stocks or bitcoin trading using accurate trading software, which can aid freelancers in acquiring great returns. 

If you are an entrepreneur trying to make it as a freelancer, here are some tips that would help you thrive in the process: 

8 Tips To Become A Successful Freelance Entrepreneur

1. Market Yourself

You want your clients to find out about you hence you should market about yourself and your expertise as much as possible on all of your social media handles. Your online presence needs to be solid, and it is good if your work reference is present online for your clients to understand your proficiency. Think of it as you are creating your own personal brand, just like you would brand a company, you have to focus here on branding yourself. 

2. Negotiate Smartly

Though businesses need freelancing services, most businesses tend to hire freelancers at a lower price due to the heavy competition in the market. Just because someone else has quoted less does not mean you also have to. A good client would understand how they need to pay high for a good quality of work. If your client goes with a lower bidder, do not get disheartened, if you have the skills, you will find the right job with the right pay. 

3. Do Not Work for Free

As we are talking about connecting with clients online, it is difficult to build a trust level hence the client may ask you to provide sample work before they hire you. It is ok to provide a short sample but, do not give many samples as it might be just their tactics to get free work done from you. 

4. Establish A Deadline

Discuss the deadlines with the clients beforehand and work towards delivering it timely. Set your own deadline prior to the client's deadline so that you have some buffer to finish off the job. 

5. Keep Track Of All Your Work

As a freelancer, you will work on many projects for various clients hence start creating a database of your work in an organized way. Also keep track of the business industry you are in and stay educated on the newest trends.

6. Communicate Effectively

Establishing an agreed communication channel is important as you will connect with clients online. You can use services like Skype which looks professional and provides you will both audio and video call along with file sharing and cloud storage options as well. 

7. Get Milestone Payments 

As you are physically not meeting with the client, giving the entire work to the client without prior payment might be risky but the client may not agree to full payment without seeing the work quality hence come to an agreement of milestone payments where you deliver the work part-by-part and receive the payments in part. 

8. Take Feedback

As you finish working with each client, take their feedback about your work and ask them to share a review online. This will improve your business credibility and improved chances of acquiring new clients. 

Be An Epic Entrepreneur

The word entrepreneur and freelancer have different definitions, but the line of differentiation is thin hence it is no big deal if an entrepreneur chooses to do a freelance job because you may not have your own company, but you are still your own boss.

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