The Unemployment Guide for Successful Seekers

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We hear figures thrown around all the time about how the US unemployment rate is at 4% and is flirting with record lows. A lot of people get so caught up celebrating that number that they forget about the 4% of people that aren't cheering.

That 4% accounts for over 6 million citizens.

If you're one of the many that aren't working but want to, you may be wondering what to do with yourself right now.

Our first bit of advice is to take a deep breath. Our second bit of advice is to read and really take the time to understand the information in this unemployment guide that we've laid out below.

In it, we share with you how to better survive unemployment, how to claw your way out of it, and how to do your best to relish this time despite how hard we know that it must be.

Part 1: Surviving Unemployment

Most people are stressed out by unemployment for the simple reason that they need money to live and without a job, they're not getting it. While no amount of words on a screen can alleviate the stress that you're probably feeling right now, there are some steps that you can take to try and reduce some of the pain that you're feeling.

Apply for Benefits

If you're unemployed and looking for work, chances are, you qualify for unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits are given out at the state level and can often help you pay for your life's bare necessities while you look for work.

Unemployment qualifications vary from state to state so you'll need to get information from your state's unemployment office in order to understand if you're eligible for help.

Borrow Money

If you're still short on cash after applying for benefits, borrowing money could be another viable option.

There are loans for unemployed people out there that meet specific qualifications. They may be hard to get, though, if you don't have good credit or have been unemployed for a long period of time.

There's also the option of asking friends and family for help. While this may be difficult, somebody in your life may be willing to lend you a hand if you describe the severity of your situation to them.

Budget Aggressively

There's never a more important time to budget than when you don't have a job.

You should have a deep understanding of how much money you're bringing in, how much is going out, and what you have to give up in order to net you the best chances of not running a negative balance.

Using spreadsheet tools like Google Sheets or Excel can be helpful in creating budgets. If you're not sure how to budget, find relevant information online or find a free community financial advisor that may be willing to help.

Don't Get Depressed

Just because you're not working a job doesn't mean that you should stop working altogether.

Get out of bed. Shower. Be proactive.

If you heed the advice of this unemployment guide and keep taking steps forward, eventually, you'll find your way out of this tough spot.

Part 2: Clawing Your Way Out of Unemployment

Now that you know how to survive, it's time to work on remedying your unemployment situation. Here are a few steps that we think you should prioritize.

Talk to Every Temp Agency in Town (and Online)

Temp agencies are excellent at getting people into jobs, quickly. If you're desperate for work, ensure that you've described your situation to ever temp agency that you can get in contact with as they may very well be your fastest way to a paycheck.

Don't Be Picky

If you're in dire straights and aren't finding luck with the applications you're submitting to your desired jobs, start broadening your search. Once you're working and collecting a paycheck, you'll have a lot more flexibility when it comes to engaging preferred employers.

The more applications you send out, the higher chance you'll have of getting hired.

Always Follow Up

There are millions of people out there that are competing for the same jobs that you want. The way that you're going to set yourself apart is by expressing a heightened interest in the position.

Do that by following up with your applications.

Send a handwritten letter to the company's HR department letting them know that you applied and would love the opportunity to discuss the position further. Give them a call and talk to them over the phone.

Anything that you can do to let people know that you're serious will boost the chance that your application gets considered.

Finally: Try to Make the Most of This Moment

Making the most of a bad situation is hard. Still, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't try.

Learn a new skill online. Go back to school. Reconnect with family members that you haven't had time for.

A lot of people that read this unemployment guide have told us that, in retrospect, their time out of work was actually a blessing.

We hope that you come to that same conclusion later on down the line.

Closing Out Our Unemployment Guide

We hope that this unemployment guide has helped you to feel more confident in your prospects of surviving, finding work, and making the most of your life.

Never lose sight of the fact that you're not alone in your hardship and that there are always resources out there to help.

Keep your chin up and best of luck to you!

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