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north carolina tech city top startups

There has never been a more exciting time to have the entrepreneurial spirit. Startups are popping up everywhere and changing the landscape of the business world every single day.

And no place on the planet is this the truer than in North Carolina. It is a state where one tech city after another has attracted some of the finest startups around.

Are you looking to move to North Carolina or are looking for small companies to put your faith in? Check out this list of NC Tech City Choices for top new startups and startup providers.


K4Connect has become known for creating products that enable healthier lives through enhanced living environments. They are dedicated to creating solutions that empower older adults. Especially those with disabilities, by integrating smart technologies into their living environments.

K4Community is a groundbreaking product designed to enable residents of senior living communities to live healthier, happier and simpler lifestyles. Providing them with analytics and insights needed for advanced world-class care.


Founded in Raleigh in 2013, the goal behind Photofy is to build the planet's most powerful social content creation tool for both businesses and private consumers.

The core of their philosophy is to facilitate an overlap between digital platforms for photo-driven brand-engagement campaigns. This is obviously a brilliant concept for this top business in the state enabling users to personalize their images with simple applications that combine personal expression with brand engagement in 2024.


PrecisionHawk has become a global leader in the development and integration of drone technology in a very short time. They've been at the forefront of innovation in the use of drones in everything from disaster response to agriculture, with operations in six continent.

Their mission is to improve drone technology for increased efficiency and safety, enabling businesses to maximize the use of aerial technology and to be better able to analyze the advanced data it provides.

They believe that these developing technologies can have an enormous impact on a wide variety of industries, and their early success seems to be proving them correct.

SmartSky Networks

SmartSky Networks was formed in 2011 by aviation and telecommunications executives, establishing their headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their goal was to become a disruptive presence in the communications technologies industry.

They started by rolling out an innovative air-to-ground network called SmartSky 4 G LTE, which takes advantage of existing technologies to enhance connectivity. This network is able to deliver data to aircraft at rates comparable with the most advanced satellite solutions. 

Because of this they are forging new paths in communications and leading the way in the digitization of the aviation industry.

View here to see more of what Charlotte has to off the tech industry.


LearnPlatform's mission is to equip administrators with the power to more easily enhance the learning ecosystems within their schools.  They are helping to provide cost-effective digital learning tools for classrooms in K-12 districts, thereby improving the standards and practices needed to increase student achievement.

LearnPlatform has already produced amazing results, delivering dynamic solutions to educators and researchers.


Founded in 2010, Passport was listed among the best tech startups in 2022, and then listed among the best startups in Charlotte in 2023.

Passport is helping to transform the way the major cities are able to manage their operations. Their mobile platforms have already been adapted by London, Miami, Toronto, and Chicago, with over 5,000 locations. Their product lines enable organizations to streamline various operations, reduce liability risks, and enhance customer service.

Passport has been consistently recognized as among the most rapidly growing companies in North Carolina, and the evidence suggests that they are only getting started.

Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless is another significant startup headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina in the last decade. They've played a major role in the wireless freedom movement, working to return value and control to the smartphone experience by leveraging the power of cellular and WiFi networks.

They have a passion for developing important new technology and thrive on the belief that customer relationships are nurtured through developing good products and trust. And the products they work hard to develop revolve around taking WiFi calling to the next level in NC.


Since being founded in 2009, MapAnything has used its Location of Things (LoT) Platform to assist clients in answering the kinds of tough questions that typically impede productivity.  

They've been successful by fulfilling the needs of the market to answer questions like what are the resources that we need, how many people do we need, and what are we doing to meet our goals?
MapAnything offers an impressive range of desktop and mobile solutions to help its customers determine what should be next on their agenda.


Founded in 2015, Stratifyd is among the newest startups on this list. From the beginning, their mission was to equip corporate leaders around the world with significant intellectual insights with the valuable data they need within minutes rather than months.

This is accomplished with the Stratifyd Platform, an Artificial Intelligence powered data analytics platform capable of analyzing and visualizing complex datasets.  

The Stratifyd Platform is built on powerful algorithms that leverage Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning that can be used by any business. 

They've already experienced tremendous success with these patented algorithms to make the most of the power of A.I. in both existing and emerging industries.

The Future Is Already Here in This Tech City!

It almost seems like anywhere you look, North Carolina is leading the way in up and coming cities in the tech industry. For example, Raleigh is a tech city that is attracting more and more entrepreneurs for its resources and customer base.

There has simply never been a better time to headquarter a company in North Carolina. And as the tech industry continues to grow and expand, North Carolina will almost certainly lead the way on the path to bigger and better innovation.

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