How Promotional Products Can Play A Key Role In The Marketing Efforts Of Start Up Businesses

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For small and start up businesses, marketing budgets can often be small and in turn, marketing efforts are limited. But luckily there are a number of cost-effective marketing methods available that you can introduce in a bid to increase brand awareness and bolster sales. 

In particular, promotional products have proven especially successful when it comes to enticing potential customers and turning them into loyal and returning advocates for your brand. Unlike some traditional marketing efforts in the form of online advertisements, digital signage and television adverts, promotional products guarantee to grab the attention of your customers due to their fun and quirky nature, especially if the products feature an eye-catching brand logo. 

But why are promotional products such an effective marketing method for start up businesses? Let’s find out. 


Whether its radio and television advertisements, magazine features or social media add-ons, it can end up becoming very expensive to promote your brand – and for start-up businesses with a tight budget, introducing these costly marketing efforts simply isn’t viable. 

That’s where promotional products can help. Combining tradition with creativity, promotional products drive customer loyalty and boost sales for a fraction of the price of traditional marketing efforts. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make a huge impact on both prospective and current customers, as promotional products when brought in bulk are often very low-cost. 

Brand Awareness 

For small start up businesses, increasing brand awareness is an absolute must, and thankfully promotional products do a great job of doing just this. Your customers need to be able to instantly recognise your brand and to do this; you need as many people to interact with your logo as possible – whether that is through using your promotional pens or showcasing your branded badges. 

Simply put, the more you expose your brand, the more people become familiar with your services and products and as a result, these people are likely to come to your business when they’re ready to make a purchase. 

Unlike online and even some offline forms of marketing, promotional products continue to serve their purposes of brand exposure long after your customers first interact with them. Customers are likely to use your promotional products in their day-to-day lives, yet again drawing their attention to your brand and in turn you will be rewarded with more business as a result of increased brand awareness. 

Satisfying A Sweet Tooth 

Whilst promotional products such as customised mugs and cool branded clothing are popular among both businesses and customers, they don’t always manage to transform disengaged passersby into loyal brand ambassadors. Personalised confectionery however has proven itself as a key marketing method for both start up and well-established businesses alike. 

When utilising the power of promotional confectionery as a savvy marketing strategy, you can make the most of the unique features of promotional products, with the added benefit of flexibility. When it comes to customised coasters and personalised portable tech, you often lack the freedom to make the products your own. Sure, you can add your logo and change the colour (at a push), but with confectionery you have endless possibilities to make your branded sweets and chocolates stand out from the rest. And who doesn’t love a sweet treat every once in a while? 

You can choose from promotional branded chocolates, gingerbread cookies, marshmallow lollipops, assorted sweets, healthy alternatives and even themed confectionery – all of which can be personalised with your very own brand logo, design and company colours. 

Despite 97% of recipients keeping promotional products given to them, promotional products are still scarcely used as a marketing method among start up businesses, so get ahead of the game and harness the power of branded confectionery

Instead of spreading your marketing budget too thin and dabbling in various different strategies, focus the efforts of your startup business on the platforms which actually communicate with customers and in turn bolster sales such as promotional products and customised confectionery.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how promotional product merchandise can play a major role in startup marketing.

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